• We Grow. We Deliver. We Care.

    With an unwavering belief in the benefits of eco-conscious farming practices, our core philosophy focuses on how our food is grown and delivered. By following Good Agricultural Practices we ensure our fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs are tasty, nutritious and safe to eat.

    Packaged under our Purple Patch label, they are delivered within 24 hours of harvesting by using an advanced cold chain technology and superior logistics that guarantee freshness.

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    Growing Greener Everyday!

    Educating and supporting local farmers on efficient farming methods will help us achieve our target of having 200 acres under cultivation within three years.

    This will enable us to meet market demands and make timely door-to-door deliveries across homes, leading supermarkets and high-end department stores.


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    The changing trend towards fresh and nutritious food has inspired us to dedicate an entire “all-natural” farm to this end. Our greens, herbs, vegetables and fruits are grown through environmentally-conscious methods that help in the conservation of our precious resources.

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